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Dynamic Pivot

Discussion in 'SQL Server Scripts and Tools' started by DevStudent, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. DevStudent

    DevStudent New Member

    I can't find anything decent online to help me out in finding how I could convert my following static sql pivot script into a dynamic pivot :
    Code (text):
    with cte as (SELECT ppl.name,
    'TagName' + CONVERT(varchar(250),ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by ppl.peopleRefId order by ts.tagName)) as Rn
    from people ppl
    JOIN companies com
    ON ppl.companyRefId=com.companyRefId
    JOIN tagLinks tl
    on ppl.peopleRefId=tl.personRefId
    join tags ts
    on ts.tagRefId=tl.tagRefId
    join positions pos
    on pos.positionRefId=ppl.positionRefId)

    (select * from cte PIVOT (max(TagName) FOR Rn IN ([TagName1],[TagName2],[TagName3])) pvt)
    Any help will be much appreciated. I have already looked at a few examples online but I havent been able to find anything that contains joins

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