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    Visually distinguishing between environments

    Have you ever been active on multiple servers in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), typed a command, only to realize just in time (or maybe too late) that your code would be executed on a different environment than you intended? With SELECT statements, this might not be a big issue, but...
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    SQL Query Help

    You would have to pivot your results to get the answer to show up as a column.
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    Scripting a table in SQL Server Management Studio does not include indexes

    If you ever needed to script a table in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), you might have noticed that simply right-clicking the table, selecting "Script table as" will not include indexes: This is usually an issue, especially when you are using this script to integrate the tables into a...
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    Management Studio tabs not updating visually

    Recently I've encountered a situation where when switching between tabs in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), the screen doesn't refresh, making it look as if you are editing another query. Scrolling up and down would solve it, but it's quite annoying (not to mention confusing) if you are...
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    Management Studio overwriting instead of inserting text while typing

    For some reason, all of a sudden my SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) started behaving somewhat odd; where other applications behaved properly, allowing me to type and the text simply being inserted, SSMS was overwriting text. I tested multiple other applications (Visual Studio, Notepad), but...
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    Azure Function error - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: uriString

    While attempting to fire a request at the Azure Function I deployed, I was greeted with the above error: As it turns out, while I thought I added the parameters used by the function (which on my local machine are pulled from the local.settings file), this turned out not to be the case...
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    (S)FTP Error: "Meet authentication failure when connect to Sftp server"

    Every so often when running an Azure Data Faxtory pipeline in which we attempt to source multiple files from an SFTP Server and subsequently dump them in a blob storage, we'd run into the following error: After a lot of poking around and testing, we determined this error is caused by the...
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    SSIS - Difference between MERGE and UNION ALL components

    As part of studying for a Microsoft exam, I came across a particular question: "You are planning a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. The sources have the same structure and data types. You have the following requirements: * The package must be able to combine data from at least...
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    SQL Server questions pls suggest answers

    I'll try, but as mentioned, context might be important. I would go for option C for this question. Permissions define WHAT someone can do. However, these permissions are assigned TO different entities (I.e. users/groups or roles). Windows is a form of authentication, not authorization. I am...
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    SQL Server questions pls suggest answers

    Is this a homework assignment or something? What's the context of most of these questions?
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    cakephp - mssql connection string

    Are you running cakephp and SQL Server on the same server? Did you install the Microsoft SQL driver for PHP, and did you add it to your php.ini? You can find more info about the php driver here:
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    SSAS: errors in the metadata manager the database with the name <db> already exists

    Should you ever be prompted with the error: , chances are that you renamed the name of the database recently. This is what happened in my case, and I ran into the error when trying to build the cube (and having changed the project settings to point at the changed database). As it turns out...
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    Today I was working on a new cube project. Basically we will be adding existing as well as new objects to a new cube. This will ensure the users will not be overwhelmed with all the objects existing in the existing cubes, but rather just see the subset they are interested in (and taking these...
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    Visual Studio/NuGet error: "... already has a dependency defined for ..."

    In order to get rid of some 2.3k error messages in Google Webmaster (for a different site), I figured I'd code a solution to do this for me, rather than doing so manually. This would require me to use the Google Apis Client Library in Visual Studio 2013. When attempting to do so, I received...
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    Convert rows to columns query

    Hello Venkat. What have you tried so far?