SSAS - Missing admin user

Peter Schmitz

Staff member
This morning, I noticed my local installation of SSAS was complaining it didn't recognize my user account. This is probably because it's been quite a while since I logged on to the corporate domain, and I suspect my token expired.

In SSAS this manifested itself by my userid being replaced with a GUID, and seeing the message "user does not have permission to create a new object in '<PC-name>', or the object does not exist".

I attempted to resolve the issue by adding a new user group to the list of admins in SSAS, after which SSAS prompted me it couldn't map the user <GUID> and if I'd like to remove it (I didn't think of taking a screenshot, unfortunately, so the exact wording of the error message was lost). Foolishly, I clicked on Yes, and next thing I know, I couldn't do anything anymore.

My cubes were gone, I couldn't publish, and the above message about permissions kept being thrown at me. I reconnected to our network by VPN, but SSAS wouldn't budge, no matter how hard I tried. I ensured I was a member of the Local Admin group, but that did nothing, either.

Eventually, I ended up running SSMS as admin user, connecting to SSAS from there, right-clicking the SSAS server, selecting "Properties", and re-adding my domain account on the "Security" page.